We provide Intermodal shipping services – tailored to your specific shipping needs. See how easy it is with Rock River Express.

Intermodal Transportation

Shipping is not always practical on a truck, and we like to provide our customers as many options as possible. Leveraging rail and road, intermodal is the most efficient mode of transport and we are proud of our experienced intermodal professionals who lead this program.

Our 40’ IML program is one of the best in the world and that is simply because we employ the best. Our Senior Intermodal Director was on the cutting edge of developing a 40’ IML program with one of the largest IML carriers. We are proud to have him bring his expertise to Rock River Express. The seasoned intermodal team brings the knowledge needed to deliver quality service to each of our clients.

We will work with you to determine your specific intermodal transport requirements. Let us directly manage each shipment, from pickup to delivery, letting you focus on growing your own business.

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